We partner with founders beyond their first financing round

Atinuke Idowu
Miguel Sousa Dias
Miguel Sousa Dias
Every investor has a worldview. We see market and infrastructural inefficiencies in Africa and other emerging markets as opportunities for innovation, and we believe in the power of technology and bold entrepreneurship to enable this.

We invest in innovative startups with differentiated and defensible market-creating innovations.

The authors of "The Prosperity Paradox: How Innovation Can Lift Nations Out of Poverty", describe the potential of market-creating innovations to transform complicated products into simple and affordable ones, making them accessible to previously untapped segments of the population, or "nonconsumers." 

In Africa, the number of nonconsumers far exceeds that of consumers for most products and services. We invest in companies, across multiple sectors, that solve for non-consumption, plug infrastructural gaps and democratise prosperity in Africa by eliminating the barriers for access and reducing the costs of delivering goods and services.

Our partnership philosophy

We value the following attributes in the companies we back



We believe that innovation shapes the world, and has the prospect of building a better future. We invest in products that solve critical pain points in key sectors across Africa from an early stage.



We place a high value on founders who possess the grit and tenacity to navigate the highs and lows of the startup journey. Founders who lean to the future, and are committed to building products that lead Africa towards that future.



We invest in people, not just businesses. We believe in highly technical and business-oriented teams, mission-driven founders with strong convictions and a strong moral compass.