Always ready to roll up our sleeves

We offer expertise-driven portfolio success initiatives and post investment support across these key areas



We help our founders prepare for and navigate fundraising rounds, connecting them with potential investors, and providing feedback on pitch decks and financial projections.


Talent Sourcing

We leverage our extensive networks to help our founders find and recruit top talent for their teams, including executives, engineers, and designers.


Regulatory Compliance

We provide guidance on regulatory compliance and help our founders navigate legal and regulatory issues related to their businesses.



We support our founders with partnerships and new business development by leveraging our network and our own experience as entrepreneurs.

Supporting founders is top-priority

"We believe that, given the complexities of building on the continent, African startups will benefit from catalytic value beyond capital. Hence, we focus on building scalable initiatives that offer invaluable support to our portfolio companies." - Damilola Teidi, Head of Platform and Networks

Expert Network
and Venture Partners

We have a network of experts and venture partners who work with our founders to provide strategic advice, as well as connections to potential customers and partners.

Annual VP Founders Retreat

We hold an annual in-person founders retreat to allow our founders to refresh, reflect, learn, and build meaningful connections. It is a multi-day event away from the hustle and bustle of building companies.

Community and Events

We have an exclusive platform for our community of founders to engage, collaborate, and exchange insights. It’s a space where we share resources and host insightful conversations. We also organise premium networking events for our founders, allowing them to connect with each other and meet key players in the ecosystem, including other investors.