5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Great for Your Startup

According to a survey carried out by NetCraft, the number of websites on the internet has approached about one billion; while this is good for the information technology sphere, it is getting harder for startups, who are new entrants, to get visible in the already saturated space on the internet. To entice people to visit your site, you must have great content — and your information must be helpful enough to retain them. The best way to do this is by blogging. We’ll look at 5 reasons why blogging is great for your startup.

Customers like to believe they are closely knitted with founders, it gives them some form of confidence: writing articles and blog posts create a connection between the writer and the reader — therefore, while you build an amazing company, you should build an amazing blog too!

Let us journey through five benefits of blogging;

Blogging can interest investors

Venture Capitalists and Investors are constantly searching for potentially great businesses to invest in — aside from the fact that blogging helps give you a lead through search engine optimization, it gives the investors’ confidence in your startup when they see how much information and mastery you have in your industry.

It can help you build a customer community

Blogging will help you build a brand — a brand's customers will get attracted and glued to, and it will further heighten expectations about your product or service offerings. Once you have a community that seems ‘loyal’ to you, you rest assured of some form of followership.

It can define you as a thought leader

Customers are not only looking for products or services; they are also looking for information about your offerings. People will come to your blog because they are looking to find answers to their questions. You then become trusted and respected.

It can help you get that co-founder and employee

People with the skills you need are also on the lookout for founders who need their skills. Blogging helps to build a form of relationship between potential co-founders and employees before they begin to have detailed conversations about their potential engagements

It can generate organic traffic with content marketing

People will naturally tilt to your startup when they know that they would get relevant information on your blog. This is a sure way to build trust within a selected industry. Content marketing will help you draw in and retain traffic.

Some founders cannot write, or they are not dedicated and consistent enough to blogging — nevertheless, the benefits of getting a blog up as a start-up is tremendous. In fact, blogging is at the centre of all your digital marketing endeavours. Do you see why you should start a blog today?

Let’s get to work!


Lamide John
Lamide John
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