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About Our Program

How much do you invest?

We invest $20,000. $15,000 in cash and $5,000 in services. Service fee help to cover the basic cost of running the program. Services include but is not limited to legal and accounting service, workspace, accommodation and so on.

Why didn't my company get into the program?

This is a tough question, if your application was great, it makes answering more difficult, so don’t take it personal. There are a few things we look out for, the quality of the team, market size and traction but in all, we are getting better at picking the right companies, we know we might actually miss out on a few great companies but we hope we get better at selecting the right ones.

We've already raised some funding. Can we still apply?

Sure. We’ve funded a few companies that have. We provide huge benefits outside the cash we invest

Do you only fund software companies?

No, we consider companies in various field. Once the company solves a real problem, a solid team and has the potential to scale, we are in.

Do we have to move to Abuja?

Yes. A lot of the value we provide; we do in person. We require that you be primarily based on site during the program. This benefits you because you can take advantage of the numerous learning opportunities, networking and coaching that will be provided. However, it’s your company, you call the shots, so traveling as necessary for business or family is okay by us.

I'd like VP to publicize my product / service among its portfolio companies.

If it’s a product or service, we use internally and are excited about be rest assured that we have probably publicized it already. Another great way is to get one or two of our portfolio companies excited about your offering and ask them to recommend your service. However, if you would like to offer a special discount on your product or service, please contact us via the email provided on the contact page,

How many companies do we take per cohort?

We would like to fund as many innovative companies as we can find, but at the moment we fund between 10- 15 companies per cohort.

What happens after accelerator program?

Post the accelerator program, we still support to companies as much as we can, make introductions, assist them in further fund raising but as it is with all great companies, the founders are largely responsible for the survival and growth of the companies

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