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Every sector of the economy is going through a digital-driven shift of some sort.

Every sector of the economy is going through a digital-driven shift of some sort. The pace of change and innovation, disruptive new technologies and shifting consumer behaviors, are all challenging corporate institutions to reinvent their innovation models. As the digital revolution continues, corporates are now faced with the choice to either adapt to the digital revolution or lose market share. The rapid development of new technologies across multiple channels online, mobile and in-store channels, along with disruption from startups, is dramatically shifting consumers’ expectations and behaviors—and their expectations regarding price, convenience and experience continue to climb.

We work with big corporates in driving innovation internally and in building lasting relationships with the startup-ecosystem to help fuel business growth and achieve innovation goals.

Some of the programs we have executed in this regard are;

Health Meets Tech (In Partnership With EPI-Afric)

In May 2018, Ventures Platform partnered with EPI-Afric to deliver a 3-day Hackathon in which health workers specialized in infectious diseases worked with developers from the tech ecosystem to develop solutions focused on Surveillance, Notification, and Response to infectious diseases. Ventures Platform continues to provide support to the top 3 startups from the hackathon, through mentorship and regular scrum sessions.

Labs by ARM, powered by Ventures Platform

A 12-week intensive corporate accelerator designed to allow ARM to partner with smart entrepreneurs to drive innovation and growth in the financial service industry. The program focuses on mobile technology, applications, and services empowering individuals and changing how we access and consume financial services.

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